December 31, 2021

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Record Year: 2021 Recap

2021 started off just as odd as 2020 left us. We came in quietly with a lot of hope and very low expectations in what seemed to be just a repeat of 2020. We had a lot to look forward to – but only time would tell if we would be able to enjoy the excitement that lied ahead. Spoiler alert, we did – and so much more. 2021 turned the tables on us, and left us with nothing short of a record year.

To our clients

I can’t even start to express the gratitude I have as our company owner, and that we have as a team for every family, couple, and friend we were able to work with this year. You all were gracious, understanding of shortages and supply chain issues, you put your full trust in us to celebrate you and you made us feel so loved in return.

To be honest? 2020 brought us a few bad apples who allowed the pandemic to be an excuse for their disrespectful behavior. It left our team tired, worn out, and emotionally beat down. After all, the best part of our job is watching big ideas come to life, and creating joy filled moments with happy clients each and every time.

If you were a client in 2021, you renewed our passion for what we do because each and every one of you are fun to work with, grateful for our guidance, and all around wonderful people. You gave us our “why” back and you inspired us to do our best for you at all times, because quite honestly – we felt like part of your extended family

Moments like these are our “why” – and thank you to each and every one of you for fueling our energy, and reuniting our spark for creativity and service in a year that felt like a renewal.

To our creative partners

We truly couldn’t have gotten through this wild year with you. You pulled off some incredible moments for us and our clients in little time with labor shortages, supply chain issues, and some wild weather.

The year started off in Abilene with three days of torrential down pour and we moved two outdoor events to new venues, with new floor-plans, and new decor installs in just 48 hours. If 2020 didn’t challenge us enough to problem solve – 2021 sure did!

We put creativity first, and had the opportunity to design so many incredible parties. From tents to transformations, classic ballroom soirees and everything in between, our partners were there with us every step of the way and you trusted us to guide your path. You never once complained when we made changes, and always delivered when we pushed you to never settle. Thank you for helping to make our team look good, and more importantly for serving our clients with ease and provide each of them with epic moments to remember forever.

To my team

Where do I even begin? What started as a team of 3 in early 2021 somehow (I’m still not sure how) morphed into a full time team of 6. If you would have told me in 2020 or even early 2021 that this year would be record breaking in both design and production, and financially for our team, I would have literally laughed in your face. To say I am grateful for the opportunities provided to us this year is an understatement. Those opportunities provided by each of our clients create livelihoods and careers for each and every one of the strong women you see in these photos.

Whether you’ve been with Pop since day one, of we’ve picked you up some where along the way – THANK YOU – for assisting us in all that we do. Thank you for supporting my dream to be one of the top event planning firms in our city (and soon expanding!) and for all of your hard work on each project we touch.

I cannot do this alone, and I am so grateful for my team of talented, driven, different, and distinctive women who contribute to our growth and success year after year.

It truly was, A RECORD YEAR.

With love, Molly

Exceeded all of my

very high


The entire Pop Parties team is the most organized, communicative, and on-it team I have encountered Their response time is unbelievable and made my entire wedding day stress-free. Not one detail was missed, and the wedding was the most beautiful and fun evening. They maintained professionalism, while also feeling like a close friend through the entire process. I could not recommend them enough.

- Claire, Bride