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We sat down to discuss the wedding plans and agreed instantly we had to incorporate their shared love for education and reading as an underlying theme to the big day. We developed the idea to produce a custom chinoiserie pattern to highlight their travels and milestone relationship moments, and used it throughout the event design with several literary accents. 

the design plan

We sat down to discuss the wedding plans and agreed instantly we had to incorporate their shared love for education as an underlying theme to the big day. We developed the idea to produce a custom chinoiserie pattern to highlight their travels and milestone relationship moments, and used it throughout the event design. Guests were found their seats on an oversized book, metal bookmarks served as the place card and party favor, and we even wrote a custom love story as the program for the ceremony. Allie’s color choices of ivory, blush, champagne and cranberry were the perfect backdrop for this elegant, floral filled fall fete.

"Molly is unbelievably creative and has the best taste in the world. She took my dreamy romantic vibe and transformed it into reality with color, textures, space, flowers, light, and music, creating a ceremony and reception that was utterly enchanting."

- Allison, Bride



designing the tent

As we delved into the wedding plans, the vision was clear: a luxurious tent that encapsulated timeless and whimsical elegance. Drawing inspiration from classic baroque elements, the entrance showcased intricate gold lattice details and double doors reminiscent of European grandeur. An oval emblem, adorned with the couple's monogram, became the centerpiece, symbolizing their union. Grand ivory urns, standing tall at the entrance, were filled with nature's finest florals, adding a touch of romance. Moving away from the typical garden ambiance, this design immersed guests in a love story set amidst opulent sophistication, with a subtle nod to the rose motif found within the tent's iron details."

adding in literary features

Stepping into the venue, guests were greeted by an exquisite oversized novel, a testament to the couple's shared love for timeless tales. This wasn't just a seating chart; it was a piece of art. The beautifully aged pages, adorned with elegant calligraphy, guided guests to their seats, while the rich, deep blue cover, embellished with gold accents and the couple's monogram, exuded luxury and personal touch. Every detail, from the ornate corner designs to the delicate page textures, was meticulously crafted, making it not just a functional piece but a cherished keepsake of a day where every guest played a part in the couple's unfolding love story.



your Reality...

Allie and Jim



When the CEO of American Airlines calls you to plan a combined 60th Birthday and Halloween bash, the answer is “when can we start?” For Doug and Gwen, we celebrated with a groovy theme and worked with our friends at Cheree Berry Paper to create colorful, custom, groovy filled branding for all aspects of the event. Highlights of this fun night included a VW bug photo op, a nod to Gwen’s first car. Hanging aerialists dazzled to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and Gwen even performed a dance with our surprise flash mob. Custom branding was at every turn as we covered every inch of space in custom vinyl applications, and unique food packaging. 500 guests had a night to remember at this groovy birthday bash for G+D! 



bursting with color

Stepping back in time, the design plan for this 60th birthday bash was a vibrant homage to the iconic 60s era. Bursting with psychedelic colors, bold patterns, and unmistakable retro flair, every element was carefully curated to transport guests to a decade of free spirits and revolutionary style. From the groovy flower power motifs to the vintage vinyl records, the ambiance was a delightful blend of nostalgia and celebration. 

groovy flower power

Plush lounge areas, adorned with period-appropriate decor, invited guests to relax and reminisce, while the dance floor, illuminated by lava lamps and disco balls, beckoned everyone to groove to the timeless beats of the 60s. It wasn't just a birthday party; it was a journey through a cherished era, celebrating six decades of life and memories.



your Reality...

Your attention to detail was not missed, you ladies are great!"

- Gwen and doug parker

"Pop Parties did an exceptional job!





Inspired by the ocean backdrop of the Venetian Ballroom, our team got to work to create a fully immersive beach themed soiree. A neutral sand linen, accented in bright pops of floral and blue draping set the tone for a truly immersive guest experience. Our client wanted to take everyone "Under the Sea" for the last and final night of their epic conference week. 


We brought the vision to life with a custom digitally printed ocean drape that wrapped the full room, an inverted "ocean floor" ceiling treatment that moved as waves do, and coral reef videos to. make guests feel truly immersed! The bright florals accented the whole room to create a show stopping final evening of celebrations for this special group.



your Reality...

10 events in three days

Producing 10 events in 3 days at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida was no easy feat. It was the challenge of a lifetime that the Pop Parties team lived up to, and then some. This special event took 17 planning staff, 54 vendor partners, and months of creative, technical and logistical planning proving that no event is too complex for our team. 

The Pop Parties team is equipped with unrivaled production experience in live show design, A/V execution and the creativity needed to execute events both beautifully and flawlessly. Our Palm Beach project featured countless vendors, two weeks of installation, management and tear down, and a full roster of events. 

300+ attendees celebrated another successful year over drinks, dinner, dancing and awards at a variety of off premise locations, and the iconic Breakers Hotel. 

"everything i knew i needed         so much more"


Hiring Molly and her fabulous team is without a doubt the best decision we made throughout the entire planning process. With so many great planners in Texas, I really went with my gut and Molly was everything I knew I needed and then so much more! She really listened to my vision for what I wanted and made it into something I could have never dreamed up - and then executed it flawlessly.

- Logan, Bride

Executed Flawlessly

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Molly is

unbelievably creative,

and has the best taste in the world

- Allison, Bride