June 10, 2019

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Do you believe in magic? If not, let us show you! Katie and John’s wedding day was full of color, and surprises at every turn. Because it was such a beautiful day, and we have so many amazing photos to share – we are going to break up this blog into two posts.

Getting to work with these two wonderful families on this magical weekend was the “glitter on the horn” for us – and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! This post will be a wedding highlight of all things from the weekend – and next week will we do an in-depth design post on how we brought the whole vision to life!


Katie and John’s wedding logo was inspired by dreaming and magic. The brides whimsical touches showed up throughout the wedding – and we even gifted a Harry Potter book to really get guests excited for the weekend.

dreams do come true

We kicked off the whole process with a dream quote on their save the date. The whole wedding was designed to have guests ask “did we just dream about that party?” So we wanted to set the tone from the beginning!

“The biggest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams.” – Isn’t that the truth?

When we started planning the wedding, Katie told me “I don’t want to have a wedding color, I want ALL the colors!” Initially, it freaked me out, but as we got further along into the process – her dreams and our vision seemed to collide to make a fantastic end result.

We started off with the invitation – custom painted artwork which inspired the whole setting, and individually water colored invitations for each guest – no two were a like!

the wedding party

whimsical tenting

Our hand painted invitation suite set the tone for whimsical tenting to tie in the design work. Katie’s original vision was only one thing: “I want to have a clear tent with twinkle lights, and pizza.” Well, she didn’t get the pizza, but we sure did deliver on the tent, twinkle lights, and maybe just a little more.

Katie has a love for jewelry, craft making and stunning dream catchers! Since her wedding was all about dreaming and magic, we knew we had to bring these unique elements into her big day!

treat yo self

Katie and John’s two pups – Bug and Bowie are of course just like children to them. Although Katie knew she was having a fabulous watercolor wedding cake – to coordinate to the invitation suite – we surprised her with this fab “treat yo self” dessert bar and dog cakes!

family first

Some people come into our lives for a short period of time, but John’s mother – if you ever meet her, is not one of those people. She will touch your heart forever with a story that is sad, but resilient. She is a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer – and is always the first to give with her heart.

A few years back, she was on vacation with their entire family in Hawaii and broke her back from being hit by a very strong wave while swimming in the ocean. It is a story she has told many times to inspire others that in life you can overcome any obstacle if you don’t let the obstacle get in your own way. One of the first things she told friends after her accident left her paralyzed was that she was so sad she couldn’t dance with her sons at their weddings.

After a few dance lessons and learned coreography, she and John danced at the wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room from family, friends, and staff who barely knew the family at all. I was in the back balling like a baby because these are the moments that we live for in creating events for our families. Moments that you can’t put into words – and memories that will last a lifetime.

THANK YOU – to the families for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful celebration. We Love You.

Oh, and we threw an EPIC party too! – Would it have even been a night to remember without a unicorn? Doubt it.

it’s katie b*tch

Katie will forever be one of my favorite people from our time spent together during wedding planning. Her creativity, boldness and kind heart make her one of a kind – and she reminds us all to be uniquely us, and not apologize for it.

Exceeded all of my

very high


The entire Pop Parties team is the most organized, communicative, and on-it team I have encountered Their response time is unbelievable and made my entire wedding day stress-free. Not one detail was missed, and the wedding was the most beautiful and fun evening. They maintained professionalism, while also feeling like a close friend through the entire process. I could not recommend them enough.

- Claire, Bride