October 10, 2018

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Modern Greenery Wedding

Kendall and DJ tied the knot with a beautiful modern greenery wedding. Their big day was hosted at Hidden Pines Chapel and was the perfect mix of modern acrylic and lush greenery detailing. The two were wed in a hybird christian and jewish ceremony, celebrating both of their families faith. Although we are a little late, Happy one year anniversary to this sweet duo!

Their Love Story

DJ and Kendall’s story begins now 10 years ago in high school. Kendall danced on the high school drill team and DJ happened to be in her end of year recital show. While DJ channeled his inner John Mayer and performed “No Such Thing”, Kendall began to develop a little bit of a crush. Simultaneously, DJ saw Kendall for the first time on stage as she performed her finale kick line and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

After almost nine years of on-and-off flirting and grabbing causal bites to eat as friends, DJ and Kendall hadn’t seen each other for a while and had both living their separate lives: Kendall in Dallas and DJ in Ft Worth.

In 2015, Kendall and DJ reunited at the Byron Nelson in Las Colinas. Both had been there separately with big groups of friends. Like out of movie, they both made eye contact at the exact same time and smiled from across the Pavilion. Kendall couldn’t help but feel a little hopeful when one of DJ’s first questions was “Are you dating anyone these days?”.

From that point on, they both decided it was finally time to give their relationship a real chance. Kendall and DJ split their weeknights and weekends commuting to-and-from Ft Worth and Dallas to spend time together. In September 2016, Kendall and DJ decided to move in together and start their lives together. DJ had even bigger plans for this next chapter though. As Kendall and DJ received the keys from their landlord on September 30th, DJ had already moved some things in. The perimeter of the living room was lined with tea light candles and rose petals on the floorboard and about 15 framed pictures from their lives so far. Their first date, first Mavs game, first trip to Austin, first Halloween etc. The final frame was pictureless, but instead had a question mark. During DJ’s spiel, he said “And this will be the picture of when I got down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your life with me.”After laughing, kissing, hugging, crying, hugging again and popping a bottle of champagne, Kendall and DJ walked through their brand new and empty house to the backyard where their friends and family were waiting for the second surprise of the night.

The Wedding

As a graphic designer, the bride drew inspiration from her clean, classic style. She also loved the natural areas that the venue had to offer, so incorporating some white and green was the perfect touch.  Their modern greenery wedding was a night to remember! Kendall personal designed all of her stationery and paper items. How fabulous are these?! The couple also danced the night away with the fabulous “Motion” band from Absolute Entertainment.

Wedding Wednesday Tip from the Pros

The one thing that we are asked most often is: how can we stay on budget? A great answer to this question is always to make design choices that can be used in more than one area. For instance, all of the decor that you see in the below photo was repurposed for the bride and groom’s head table. The Aisle pews became a lush greenery runner. The altar pieces became their tall statement in the room. But – you only pay one floral fee, and a small “flip” fee. Which in turn saves a good chunk of the floral budget when you can repurpose for multiple spaces.

Recently we were informed that another vendor said “Pop Parties only does expensive weddings.” I want to be clear about something: we work with ALL types of brides, design styles, and budgets for the big day. The biggest benefit to working with Pop Parties is that you have a team behind you every step of the way. No  matter the planner, or budget, or package level you book at – there is a team of experts behind each project to help guide you through your day.

Exceeded all of my

very high


The entire Pop Parties team is the most organized, communicative, and on-it team I have encountered Their response time is unbelievable and made my entire wedding day stress-free. Not one detail was missed, and the wedding was the most beautiful and fun evening. They maintained professionalism, while also feeling like a close friend through the entire process. I could not recommend them enough.

- Claire, Bride