Modern Wedding with a Pop of Color

There’s nothing we love more than a bride who dares to be different and Heather was just that bride! This modern wedding was made daringly different with a color scheme of bright violet and soft peach with gold accents. Heather’s vision didn’t include many flowers which gave us an awesome opportunity to get creative. We made a space with balloons and lots of candles to generate a more modern vibe, with only one large floral on the head table. What was more beautiful than this fabulous reception space? Heather’s stunning Kleinfeld gown that she got all the way from New York City!

Don’t be fooled this wedding wasn’t only gorgeous, it was also a super fun time! Guest enjoyed champagne escort cards, shots, and donuts on light sabers! One of our favorite parts? The delicious progressive dinner, serving everything from salads to burgers, brought out on golden bar carts. The highlight of the night had to be Heather and her father’s epic choreographed dance to “Bad Mama Jama”!

We can’t ask for better clients and would like to thank Cody for his service in the US Army! Thank you for serving our country Cody and thank you Heather for supporting him! Have fun in Hawaii you two!

Their love story

Cody and Heather have been best friends since their freshman year of high school! They hung out with one another all the time and even went to senior prom together. During college the two went their separate ways while Heather was in Missouri and Cody at West Point. Eventually the two reconnected and after a whirlwind trip from Spain to New York, Heather knew Cody was the one.

Cody’s proposal was practically perfect! After ice skating around Rockefeller Center, a friend suggested they visit the giant Christmas tree to take some pictures. Cody “accidentally” dropped his glove and when Heather looked over, he was on one knee ready to propose. A huge crowd gathered around and cheered for the two after Heather said yes! Cody then arranged a limo to take them around the summer before a nice dinner and bottle service at a rooftop bar overlooking Midtown Manhattan!

Colorful Fiesta Wedding!

Stephen and Dede’s colorful fiesta wedding was the sizzling summer celebration we’ve all been waiting for! This cute couple tied the knot at Saint Monica’s Catholic Church followed by a fantastic Tex Mex themed reception. Bright colors had guest in a party mood as soon as they walked in and complimented the couple’s fun loving personality to a tee. To fit the fun fiesta theme dinner obviously had to be the couple’s favorite – Mexican food! Following the upscale fiesta dinner, guest danced the night away to The Motion Band. It’s official, Dede had the most epic bouquet toss of all time; “Move Bitch” got all the single ladies on their feet, ready to go! This vibrant party definitely has us wishing for a never ending summer!


How they met

Dede was having a fun night out with her brother and friends to watch the Final Four when Stephen walked into her life. Stephen was hanging out with some of Dede’s brother’s high school friends when the two groups ran into each other! Eventually, the two groups split off to different bars for the night and Stephen was ready to head home until his friends started convincing him to stay. Stephen’s one request for him to stay? Have his friends find “that Dede girl” and so they did! For the rest of the evening, the couple hung out at the Ginger Man and played darts before Stephen got her number.

colorful fiesta wedding - popparties

how he proposed

Call it a woman’s intuition but Dede totally knew what Stephen was planning when he said he wanted to go on a “fancy date”. Stephen picked Dede up at home and when they walked outside surprised her with a notebook the two had been writing notes in for the last year. On the last page he had wrote everything he wanted to say and began reading it to Dede while getting on one knee and proposing! The couple celebrated their “fancy date” with a surprise chauffeured trip to Reunion Tower for dinner. Following dinner, Stephen planned a huge surprise party with all their friends and family including Dede’s best friend from college who he flew out just for the night!

colorful fiesta wedding - popparties

colorful fiesta wedding - popparties


Dallas Arts District Engagement Session

Kendall and DJ’s engagement session

Nothing makes us more excited than looking through our client’s gorgeous engagement pictures. We’re loving Kendall and DJ’s Dallas arts district engagement session by Dyan Kethley Photography. Some of our favorites include a stunning magnolia tree that really makes the pair pop! This couple is tying the knot in a mixed Christen and Jewish ceremony this fall and we can’t wait to see their dream wedding come to life!

How they met

Kendall and DJ’s love story is one for the books! Having met in high school, these two have been in each other’s lives for 10 years now! They first met at an end of year recital, where Kendall performed with her drill team and DJ rocked out to John Mayer’s “No Such Thing”. The two flirted for almost 9 years but were living separate lives; DJ in Fort Worth and Kendall in Dallas. In 2015, the couple reunited at the Byron Nelson while attending separately and the rest is history!

How he proposed

After commuting between Dallas and Fort Worth to spend time together, the couple decided to move in together in September of 2016. DJ had bigger plans then just moving in together though. Before the couple received the keys to their new house, DJ moved a couple of things in. He lined the living room with tea candles and rose petals and hung pictures of all their “firsts” on the wall. The final frame was left empty with only a question mark in the center. While proposing DJ said, “And this will be the picture of when I got down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your life with me.” After celebrating with hugs, kisses, and champagne, DJ took Kendall to their new backyard where family and friends were waiting to celebrate the newly engaged couple!