Arboretum Engagement Session

alyssa and kevin’s arboretum engagement session

We just had to share Alyssa and Kevin’s Dallas Arboretum engagement session with Ashley Rains Photography. It was a day filled with perfect weather (and lighting!) for their cute pics. Our favorite feature, a fun floral  covered 70s style VW bus on display from The Dallas Arboretum. We just love our clients and can’t wait to see their big day come to life as we work on more planning and design details this week!

how they met

Kevin and Alyssa went to a rangers game for their first date. They spent the whole time talking to each other even though they both love baseball. In the beginning, they were drawn to hanging out with each other even though they were complete opposites and did not understand the other. Alyssa and Kevin went to a few Aggie football games and continued to enjoy spending time together. Alyssa says “We both bring very different positive attributes to our relationship. To this day, we love spending time together. We are each other’s best friends and help each other in everything.”

how he proposed

On New Years Eve, Kevin took Alyssa to an Italian restaurant for dinner. She pretty much knew what was coming because apparently Kevin cannot keep a secret. They spent the meal reflecting over the time that they had spent together. After dinner, Alyssa and Kevin went to go look at the holiday lights in Vitruvian Park. At the big tree, he asked her to marry him, and surprised her with friends there to take pictures. Afterwards they went to Alyssa’s parents house where there was a New years eve party, and a celebration of the couples’ engagement!

This week, we get to dive head first into design details for this sweet couple. We can’t wait to add personal touches to their big day and celebrate their love this fall!


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